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A ‘triple whammy’ set exclusive to Black Artefacts.

Stigmata is a routine for a séance or an impromptu gathering, that combines two Black Artefacts items, Bleeding Candle and Change Bag, and adds a couple of extra items and script, all thanks to an idea from one of our customers, Lionel Smith.

You show your gathering a small blood stained candle used by a ‘stigmatic’ medium Elizabeth Tipper at one of her séance's. Elizabeth has now ‘passed on’ and you want to use the candle as a spiritual magnet to see if you can contact her.

An unmarked outline drawing of a hand is shown and placed by one of your guests into the bag which is then kept in full view.  The candle is lit and as you all begin to concentrate on a photograph of Elizabeth the departed medium the candle begins to bleed again!

One of your guests now removes the drawing from the bag and finds that mysteriously blood has appeared on the palm of the hand.

You receive:

Cost of the complete set: £32.00

Both the change bag and bleeding candle are items in their own right and can be used on their own. We do not supply the candlestick with this effect.