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At last as used by Tony Andruzzi, a razor to slash your wrist with!  Well that is the way it looks anyway. This is a small, easy to carry illusion that plays really BIG.  You show an evil looking cut throat razor and proceed to use it to cut your forearm, blood oozes out from the cut. Great for any effect requiring a blood sacrifice or as an illusion in it’s own right.  It can even be used on an audience member in complete safety.  We give you some fake blood as well.

Cost: £24.00

“The postal service has finally delivered your package and I want you to know that I am completely satisfied with the Slasher. And it has arrived in plenty of time for us to rehearse with it before our séance shows this Halloween. Thank you for providing such great service and for having such exacting standards for the products you sell. I look forward to making more purchases in the future, confident that what I will receive will be quality merchandise.”--Jim Kasmir - USA

“Hello. Received The Slasher et al. Really excellent - am using it now in my act to cut my assistant's throat. She wears a floaty white gown and is tied to stocks. I stand behind her and... slash!!!! Blood drips down her throat and onto the white gown. Neat.”

David Cleghorn (Sideshow Dave)


Here is a great presentation that would be ideal for Slasher. An extract from the TV series Inside Number 9, Misdirection, by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. Reproduced with the kind permission of Reece Shearsmith. Thanks to Reece for the idea of pulling the razor through the clenched fist - very gruesome!