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Ouija Card

Ouija Card is an effect that is simple to perform and in true ‘impromptu’ style is easy to carry at all times so you are ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Black Artefacts thanks go to Alan Weston who contacted us with the idea for this great effect.

Your spectator is given your ‘International Paranormal Research Society’ membership card to write the name of some deceased person on it’s rear.  You do not see the name.  They then mix the card into a stack of more of your IPRS cards.

Using the mini Ouija board that is in your card case you correctly find the card with the deceased’s name written on it.

Simple, effective, direct and instant reset ready to go again straightaway - what more could you ask?

There are no forces, no sleights, no billets, no peeks and everything can be examined afterwards, indeed you leave the membership card with the spectator and it has all your contact details on it!

You receive:

Cost: £24.00

Please note:

If the contact details you require are the same as the details in your shopping cart enter ‘same as shopping cart’ in the dialog box.  Otherwise enter the details in one line separated by commas.  We will email you to check that we have the correct details.

The IPRS is fictional and you are NOT buying membership to any society or organisation.

Ouija Card £24.00
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