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The Eternal Game is a classic bizarre magic story telling effect, where you have some interesting props, and a couple of subtle effects woven into a captivating story.

The story tells of a legendary game of cards where the participants are all cursed due to their greed and they are doomed to play a card game that no one can win for all of eternity, as each gambler has signed a contract with the Devil to win at cards. The Devil has of course tricked them all and the contract that they thought they signed is seen to have transformed. When they play the game the ace of diamonds, that is the card each needs to win, mysteriously disappears from the deck.

Your audience can cut the ace of diamonds into the deck and they can even deal the cards and when they do so they find that the ace of diamonds has disappeared from the deck.

What you get:

Cost: £29.50 (For orders outside the UK please select airmail despatch)

The Eternal Game

“Thank you for posting The Eternal Game. It arrived in perfect condition. The script is excellent, and the power and internal logic of the narrative makes it easy to learn. The routine is as close to self-working as could reasonably be achieved. Thank you for making this available - I will look forward to using it.”  Cameron - UK