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Divinator is a great psychic entertainment item that does not require any cold reading as the ‘readings’ are all on the rear of the cards. Divinator manages to cram in a whole mass of magical lore - the power of the pendulum, the four magical elements, the mystery of the pentagram, all combined into an entertaining character reading.

Divinator is perfect for any psychic performance or reading as it deals with the very thing that people are most interested in - themselves! Divinator can be used anywhere and any time, at a formal psychic sitting or at a party or even down the local pub!  It is sure to get people queuing for a reading.

You receive:

As usual The Black Hart has made things very easy for the reader by combining the character readings into the cards so that you will have the confidence to begin readings as soon as you receive Divinator.  You do NOT have long scripts or readings to learn to learn.  You do NOT have to be a ‘cold reading’ expert.  There is even a built in ‘out’ for those sitters who cannot ‘work’ the pendulum.

Divinator is a luxurious and above all a practical item that you will use for many years to come. It is an investment for any bizarre magician or psychic entertainer.

Cost: £33.00

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