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Doom and gloom may be our speciality, but we believe that carrying on as normally as possible will help to boost morale during the current crisis. We will be carrying on as close to normal as possible so you can order from our shopping cart and we will do our very best to process your order. If there is to be any delay we will let you know as soon as possible. Stay safe, stay well - The Black Hart

Death Wish

Death Wish is a simple to perform effect that is always ready to go.  You challenge you audience to ‘Wish You Dead’ in a very unpleasant manner. They have a choice of face down death cards which are eliminated one by one (free choice). Each is seen to describe a hideous death, however the remaining chosen card is turned over to reveal a fate of fortune and prosperity!

There is an alternative presentation for those who do not want such a hard hitting story. The cards are laminated.

Cost: £10.00 (standard size)  £20.00 (jumbo size)

Select which size: