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The BIG Black Book (now available as a PDF)

A compilation of all three black books. Printed on heavyweight paper, the title of each book has an individual dedication to the buyer and is signed by The Black Hart.  Highly recommended by the late Charles Cameron, godfather of bizarre magic.

Cost (printed version): £55.00 - PDF Cost £16.00

For the PDF, select digital download in the shipping options in the shopping cart. We will send the PDF to you via your email. The PDF version is dedicated to the buyer and is the same as the full print version. Please note that for the digital version (PDF) the 90 day money back guarantee does not apply.

“Got your book, read only a small part so far but may I just compliment you on your attention to detail. I am very happy with the purchase and know I will benefit from its wisdom. Again, thank you for your insights.”  Robert LaMont.

Big Black Book
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Black Book One

Written by The Black Hart and sub titled ‘The Macabre Mysteries of The Black Magick Theatre Show’. Ten effects and presentations as performed by The Black Hart in his original one man show.  There are sections on character, props and the Haunted House.  An ideal book for beginner and experienced performer alike. All the effects are simple to perform, leaving you to concentrate on what really matters...the presentation.

Cost: £25.00

“I have just finished reading The Big Black Book by Black Hart. It is a must-have for anyone that wants to get out of their chair and do bizarre magic in the real world. Besides the 15 or so effects that are performed by Black Hart himself in his shows he gives his insights on character, props and music .He also touches on the subject of definitions, spells and magical rites, and I enjoyed his general thoughts and stories on the Tarot. If you want to take your magic to the next step the The Big Black Book will help you get there.”

Frank C - USA


Black Book Two

Chilling effects and presentations, with sections on the terrifying ‘Dark Séance, Tarot reading, a glossary of magical terms and actual spells from ancient grimoirs. This is a more in depth book and is an ideal companion to Black Book One.  Written by The Black Hart and based on his own performances.

Cost: £25.00


Black Book Three

Subtitled ‘Tales of a Wandering Tarot Reader’, this book is all about the practical aspects of Tarot reading in pubs and clubs and how you can perform Bizarre Magic in all circumstances. Written by The Black Hart in a chatty and anecdotal style, learn from his real life experiences with real people.

Cost: £15.00


The Ghost Illusion

This exclusive illustrated book contains three ghost illusions and hints and tips on presenting them. All are PRACTICAL illusions that are used by The Black Hart at his Haunted House Nights.  They are simple to set up and can be put together easily. You will need your own PA system and lighting. The Ghost With no Eyes is an incredible illusion where the  ghost actually materialises in front of the audience, speaks to them, then dematerialises.  Also included, The Dark Ghost and the Haunted Library. These effects have featured on BBC and Central Television.

Cost: £16.00


“The ghost illusion book was incredible. Am definitely going to use some of the material.”

David Cleghorn (Sideshow Dave)

I have had the book for a few days now. THis is a great book full of really well though out material. I will certainly use a lot from this.

Over the coming months I will probably be making a few more buys from your site as well. You have some wonderful effects.

Barrie - UK

Big Black EBook
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Take a look at some of the effects in  ‘The Ghost Illusion’