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The Black Book series are all ‘stand alone’ books. The Big Black Book (also available as a PDF download) is a compilation of all three Black Books one, two and three. Black Book IV is The Black Hart’s latest book.

Take a look at some of the effects in The Ghost Illusion

“I Just wanted to let you know how truly excited I am by the prospect of a new Black Book! I have bought a large number of items from your catalogue over the last few years, and you still have a fair few items I still want to purchase, but I had to order the new book immediately! It was after reading the Big Black Book that I decided to start performing instead of just collecting, so I have you to thank for that; after the initial nervousness, performing bizarre magic gives me a real buzz. The free gift DVD is also something I am eagerly looking forward to. I recently bought the DVD featuring Allain the Teller of Tales and enjoyed it immensely.”

Michael - UK