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Wee - Ja

Wee Ja is a great effect using a miniature (10 cm x 15 cm) Ouija board and planchette. Just the right size to carry around in your pocket.  It can be used as a ‘stand alone’ effect or as part of a psychic reading.

You get your sitter to choose a tarot card and then reveal the card to them by contacting a spirit through the Ouija board.  Of course as you are holding the planchette YOU could be moving it.  So to prove that it really was the spirits you place the planchette on the board and hold the board with both hands clearly not touching the planchette.  You invite your spirit guide to send a message to your sitter and after a short pause the planchette begins to move of its own accord.  It turns around, moves down the board and points to ‘GOODBYE’! The board and planchette are then handed to the sitter for examination.

The planchette is under your complete control, you can even use it to spell out words and messages.

Wee Ja can be used for many effects and presentations and is supplied with script for the above presentation.

You receive:

Cost £31.00

“Excellent quality, a brilliant idea and a fantastic presentation. The sheer choice this gives you for revelations/mind-reading and so on is many a splendid thing…”

“Not only do you get a presentation written by Keith Hart, but also plenty of ideas to play around with too… “

Talkmagic review - March 2006