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The World’s Smallest Theatre
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                The Devil in Mind
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                Wee Ja
                Witchfinder General

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                Thumb Tip Psychic
                A Drink With Death

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                De-luxe Runes
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                Runes With a View (rune reading course)
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                Psychic Reader’s Kit
                Psycho Deck

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                Tarot Force Decks
                Wandering Tarot

         Accessories and Props
                Atmosphere Number 1
                Atmosphere Number 2
                Basilisk Sand Timer
                Black Arcana Playing Cards
                Change Bag - Pentagram
                Contract of Souls
                Crystal Ball Set
                Devil’s Deck
                Dragon card Box
                Dr Strange Instant Old Age Atomiser
                Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards
                Pentagram Bag - Large
                Pendant - Scriptagram
                Poison Ring
                Quill Pen
                Skull Lighter
    Ritual Robes
                Tarot/Close-up Cloth
                Velvet Pentagram Pouch
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