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Crowley’s Tarot
This superb effect features the infamous Alistair Crowley, known as ‘The Beast 666’.

Your guest is given  piece of cloth reputed to be cut from Crowley’s own black magic altar. Whilst holding the cloth and looking at a photo of the man himself they make a genuine free choice of Tarot card, from a FULL minor tarot deck.  The chosen Tarot is displayed and the other Tarot are shown to be unmarked, however when the guest turns over the chosen Tarot the ghostly image of Alestair Crowley stares at them through the Tarot card!

A very visual effect with story line and script by The Black Hart.
You receive:
The necessary full minor arcana Tarot card decks 
Square of black altar cloth
Laminated photograph of Crowley
Silk pouch
Instruction book with script by The Black Hart
Alistair Crowley fact sheet

Cost: £34.00
Close up of the effect on the chosen card