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Black Artefacts - weird, bizarre and psychic magic
Stairway to Hell
An ‘Egyptian’ ritual performed with Tarot cards to help in the guidance of the sitters soul after death.  Combined with a short built in reading there is a 10 minute presentation.  There is NO sleight of hand, NO forces, NO gimmicks, the sitter has a FREE choice at all times.

Cost: £4.00 manuscript only   £10.00 with a full set of Tarot cards.
A Great Product in:
“Once again the Black Hart comes up with a great product that works in the real world. The effect is so very easy to do all you need to do is concentrate on the story and presentation. The instructions are clearly written and very easy to follow. The short script is very good and well worth learning. You will learn this very quickly, all you need to do is learn the script or adapt it to suit your needs. Another great buy from Keith- Stephen - UK