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Mark of the Beast
Mark of The Beast is an easy to do routine using Tarot cards.  It plays upon people’s natural reticence about the intrinsic power and evil nature of the cards.

You show a small packet of Tarot to your volunteer, and explain about the evil influence the Tarot can have, and how they are said to be the playthings of the devil.  The volunteer is invited to touch the face of any one of the cards.  They do so and when the cards are turned over one by one they are all seen to be unmarked on the back….except the chosen card.  This has the mark of the beast, 666 on its back.

There is NO force, the volunteer has a completely free choice.  Instant re-set, ready to go again with a different card.  NO cards are added or taken away. Simple to do.

Cost: £8.00