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Tarot Surprise
Two in one, a brand new presentation of a classic effect, plus an alternative presentation for more serious presentations.

The classic 52 on one effect has never been presented with Tarot cards before.  You display a large envelope which you leave in view.  Your victim chooses a Tarot card which is shown to everyone. You state that a picture of that very chosen Tarot is in the envelope.  You open the envelope and display the Tarot card pictures and point to the one that was chosen!  Your audience groan...well you did say there would be a picture of the chosen Tarot!

When the groans subside you turn the card over to put it back into the envelope and everyone can see that there is a giant picture of the chosen Tarot on the reverse.  This is a lighthearted effect for banquet work or cabaret. All you need to do is force the appropriate Tarot card.

For serious presentations the 22 on one picture can be used for pendulum work.  If you get it wrong, turn the card over and reveal The Devil and say that his influence was too strong!

Two sizes available: A4  or Jumbo card.  Both laminated for long life.

Cost: A4 card only £15.00 with matching full Tarot deck £20.00  Jumbo card only £10.00, with matching full Tarot deck £15.00

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