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Black Artefacts - weird, bizarre and psychic magic
Mississippi Sam
A companion effect to ‘The Devil in Mind’.  Sam is a riverboat gambler who sells his soul to The Devil in return for luck at cards.

You recreate Sam’s last game of cards when he plays The Devil for his very soul...and looses.  Sam (your volunteer) deals themselves 3 sixes (666), the sign of The Devil.

THEY examine and shuffle the cards, THEY chose how many to use, THEY deal 3 piles of cards, THEY turn over the top cards to find that THEY have dealt THEMSELVES 666!  YOU DO NOT touch the cards at all.

This really is a great story and a wonderful effect that will blow the minds of your audience.   It is the close-up workers version of ‘The Devil in Mind’

You can order Mississippi Sam and use your own playing cards or you can order Mississippi Sam with a set of Devil’s Deck Cards (and save 50p).

Cost: £16.00
Cost with a Devil’s Deck: £21.00
With or without cards:

I have being using this effect for about two years and it almost always reaps the reaction of " how the never touched the cards".  As with the majority of The Black Hart’s effects, you get a wonderful script to follow and this is where the strength of the effect lies, not in complicated sleights or hidden misdirection, just a powerful story hook and an extremely hands-off demonstration of something extremely strange.

Paul - Middlesbrough, UK