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Black Artefacts - weird, bizarre and psychic magic
Requiem is a double whammy - A top class effect combined with a top class prop.

Your story revolves around how a discarnate spirit can always find its own coffin.  Your volunteer has a free choice of ‘soul’ cards and they end up with the name of a famous deceased person.  You open the front the pendant that is hanging around your neck and inside is a picture of the chosen person.

You receive a beautiful pewter pendant on a black bead and red ribbon neck chain.  There is a skull on the front of the heart which has a hinged door which opens to reveal the picture, a set of laminated ‘soul’ cards and full instructions and script.  The photograph can be changed so that you can vary the presentation.

This really is a great top quality prop from Alchemy Carta that will attract attention and is ideal for the bizarre magician or psychic performer.

Cost: £37.50