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Black Artefacts - weird, bizarre and psychic magic
You have found a letter from Count Draculea, containing his instructions, which your victim reads out.  They find that they have followed his instructions exactly.  When THEY turn over the Tarot card from the deck THEY have shuffled, they find that it is the very card that Draculea predicted.  The volunteer does all the work.  You DO NOT touch the cards at any time. This uncanny effect requires no sleight of hand thanks to the gimmick.

We searched long and hard to find the correct hand made paper and hand made envelopes to make this effect as authentic as possible.  They really do look as if they would have been used by Count Draculea in 1856.  You will even find splashes of candle wax on the letter because Draculea wrote it by candlelight.  We made sure that the envelope flap was not gummed like modern ones, and we seal it with real red sealing wax to ensure an authentic look.  Even the envelope and paper are the correct shape and size for the Victorian era.  We have even treated the paper with a special oil to make it smell of sulphur!

You receive the letter and envelope and gimmick and full script and instructions by The Black Hart. Use you own Tarot cards (or buy some of ours).  

Cost: £15.00