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The tarot answer to Phil Goldstein’s B’Wave
“I have always thought that there should be a tarot version of Phil Goldstein’s incredible B’Wave, well as it looked like no one else was going to produce one I decided to produce my own.”
Black Hart, July 2007

T-Wave is a ‘bizarre’ version of this clever effect and combined with a ‘dark’ presentation written by The Black Hart it is sure to send chills down your audiences’ spines.  T-Wave is produced with the kind permission of Max Maven.

The volunteer is asked to choose one of four ace tarot cards to be turned up in a pack of four face down tarot cards.  When the cards are spread out their chosen tarot is indeed the only face up card! Not only that when it is taken from the pack it is seen to have the word ‘EVIL’ printed on it’s back, and then all the other cards are then shown to have blank faces.

Combined with Black Hart’s presentation this is a great bizarre effect and can be performed at a seance type presentation, for close-up, small groups or for strolling and table work.

You receive the 4 special laminated cards and full instructions and script.

Cost: £11.00