Black Artefacts - weird, bizarre and psychic magic
The Devil’s Deck
Just what you need for any bizarre or séance effect where you want to use ‘ordinary’ playing cards.  Well of course the ‘Devil’s Deck’ poker size playing cards are anything but ordinary.

They are superbly detailed with ‘gothic’ style pictures and each card is totally original in design.  Just take a look at the example we have here.  They are plastic coated just like normal playing cards and can be handled in the same way.  However just imagine what an impression you will make when you bring out this deck of cards!

The cards are designed and produced by Alchemy Gothic and are available with the Dragon Card Box or as a separate item.  You can even order them with the appropriate Black Artefacts effect, such as Mississippi Sam.

Being Black Artefacts you don’t just get a set of cards though.  You also get a booklet with performance and presentation ideas.  Detailing how to use the subtle markings on the backs of the card.  Please note that this deck is not boxed.

Cost: £6.50 (including p&p)