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Black Artefacts - weird, bizarre and psychic magic
Esperiment - an experiment in ESP, one of the Black Artefacts psychic effects range.  A great effect for demonstrating a real live psychic ESP experiment under ‘laboratory’ conditions, where YOU have full control over the results.

A random ESP symbol is chosen (no one knows which) and this is placed aside as a control.  Then an ESP symbol is chosen from a set of 10 face down symbol cards.  It is found to match the predicted symbol.  However this does not stop here, you point out that it was a 1 in 5 chance so the experiment continues with prediction after prediction being correct.

There are free choices at all times for your volunteers and there is no sleight of hand and the symbol cards can be freely handled by the volunteers but YOU are in control at all times.

This is a fantastic pseudo scientific effect that you can do in the pub, at home or anywhere.

You receive 15 special ESP cards and instructions and presentation by The Black Hart.

Cost £16.00