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A psychic effect for stage or close-up.  Your volunteer has a free choice of one of 5 jumbo Tarot cards.  They mix them up several times.  You have turned your back while they do this.

They hold the face down cards fanned out in their hands.  One by one you tell them which card to discard (no questions, no fishing).  They do not know which of the face down Tarot is the one they chose.  They end up with just one card in their hand.  You now turn around and ask them which one they chose. They tell you. Now they turn over the card in their hand and it is the very one that they chose!

There is no sleight of hand.  You do not see the cards and everything can be examined afterwards.  You receive five jumbo Rider-Watie Tarot cards and full instructions. Tarot cards will vary.

Cost: £10.50