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Close to Death

Close to Death is a bizarre twist on the one-way deck with a fabulous prop that you can wear around your neck.

‘Close to Death’ is very simple to do but the effect is really surprising.

The locket supplied is offered as a ‘gift’ and then your guest is given a free choice of playing card.  The locket is opened and a terrifying prediction written on a scroll is found inside.

Your ‘victim’ finds that there is a price to pay for any gift, but luckily they have chosen the ONLY card in the deck that does not subject them to a frightening curse.

There is NO sleight of hand, NO false shuffles, everything can be examined afterwards, instant reset.

Comes with everything you need:

Cost: £32.00

“Close to Death is a great routine that had my friend that I tested it on literally shaking. She was really affected that I could pull this off and make her wits wobble. Great job.”

Dave USA

“Thanks a lot, I have received my purchase today in great shape.

This routine is very terrific. Thanks for this great idea.

Sincerely. “ Gerard (France)

“I have not had a chance to tell you about my experience with Close to Death". When I received my package, it was exactly what I expected it would be. The first time I performed it the person was amazed. As I told you, on Monday nights I meet with a group of magicians for dinner, learning and entertainment. Last night one of the men brought his two adult sons with him to be entertained. When I did "Close to Death" they were truly impressed it. As a matter of fact one of the group who was not able to attend last night called me and told me that he had heard what a success it was. After our visitors left I explained that it was your illusion an that they could contact you if interested.

Thanks again for helping me to entertain some folks.”

Regards,  Glen (UK)

“Hi Keith,  just to let you know that my parcel came today the trick was Close to Death.  I’ve just performed it on one of my friends and he was amazed.  I am really happy with the trick and I look forward to ordering a lot more magic from you.”

Michael (UK)