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Black Book Three (Tales of a Wandering Tarot reader)

Like ‘Runes With a View’, this book is Gordon Astley’s fault.  I do a lot of work as a Tarot reader in pubs and clubs, where I am booked for a three-hour stretch from 8pm to closing time at 11pm.

There was a time when I would not work in such places because ‘the atmosphere was not right for ‘Bizarre Magick’.  This turned out not to be quite true (more of this in the book).  I have found that this is one of the very best training grounds for the Bizarre Magician.  I have met and reacted to thousands of different people and situations.  It has been an invaluable learning experience.

Subtitled ‘Tales of a Wandering Tarot Reader’, this book is all about the practical aspects of Tarot reading in pubs and clubs and how you can perform Bizarre Magic in all circumstances. Written by The Black Hart in a chatty and anecdotal style, learn from his real life experiences with real people.

Black Book Three contains the following chapters:

Black Book Three is published as a spiral bound book with laminated covers with 46 A4 pages printed single sided.

Cost: £15.00