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Black Book Two (More Macabre Mysteries)

Like The Black Book One, this ‘stand alone book’ book contains effects used by me in The Black Magic Theatre show and at the ‘Haunted House’ evenings.  They are all routines that require only a moderate amount of handling and they are all tried and tested.

I can not emphasise enough how important presentation is to the Bizarre Magician.  It is the very essence of our being, for we perform to instil in our audiences a sense of wonder and awe.  It is always my intention to leave my victims in doubt of their own view of nature.  I intend to convince them that the things they see are connected with strange powers and are not trickery.  My aim is to make them believe that they have witnessed some unknown forces at work, that what they saw was real.

Black Book Two contains bizarre magic presentations, discussions about tarot reading, and also chapters on the history of magic (‘real’ magic, not conjuring), and actual examples of spells used by magicians from ancient Egypt through to Europe in the Middle Ages and more recent times.

The following presentations are included in the book:

Black Book Two is published as a spiral bound book with laminated covers with 76 A4 pages printed single sided.

Cost: £25.00