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Black Book One is (as you may expect) the first in the Black Book series, and it tells the story of the Black Hart’s Haunted House Evenings. Like all of the Black Books in the series it is a ‘stand alone’ volume as well as a part of the series.

This book is all about the effects that I use in The Black Magic Theatre Show. Most of the effects are fully explained but one or two are proprietary effects that I do not have the right to divulge. In these cases, I have given my script for presentation only. I also talk about the ideas behind the effects and the show and about presentation in general. At the end of the book is a short section on the background to the 'Hauntings' evenings.

The following presentations are included in the Black Book One:

There is also information about character, bizarre presentations and a chapter about the Black Hart’s Haunted House.

Black Book One is published as a spiral bound book with laminated covers, there are 55 A4 size single sided pages. Like all of the Black Books it is only available from Black Artefacts.

Cost £25.00

Black Book One (The Macabre Mysteries of the Black Magic Theatre Show)