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Atmosphere Number 1
“To get the maximum effect from your presentation it is necessary to engage as many of the audiences’ senses as possible.  Most people will consider sight—having the props look right.  Most people will consider hearing—the story and background music.  Some people will consider touch—having tactile props that feel the way they should.  Only the very few who really think about their presentations will consider smell, which is a pity because our sense of smell is a very important element of how we perceive the world around us.  When the perceptions of all 4 senses are added together the effect increases dramatically.”   -  Black Hart
At long last our search is over and we now have available, exclusive to Black Artefacts ‘Atmosphere Number One’, a powerful secret weapon in the armoury of any Bizarre Magician or Psychic Reader.  You’ve made your props look old, now make them smell old!  This secret blend of pure essential oils has been specially formulated to give the faint whiff of antiquity, the smell of an item long buried in the corner of some dusty crypt, an unusual and indescribable odour of something ‘different’.  The subtle effects of the smell will unconsciously leave your audience with the idea that your props are indeed very old and mysterious.

This is powerful stuff and just ONE DROP in your prop box will imbibe the contents with the mystery of age. You can use it on the cloth you keep your Tarot cards in or the bag for your rune stones and when you take them out your sitter will sub-consciously get the impression that these are powerful and mysterious objects.

The effects of ‘aroma therapy are well known and ‘Atmosphere Number 1’ uses the very same principles to influence the deep feelings of your audience.  These 5ml bottles are designed to emit just one single drop at a time of this very powerful essential oil so one bottle will give many, many applications.  You can experiment and combine any of Black Artefacts ‘Atmospheres’.

You receive one 5ml bottle of oil and full instructions from the Black Hart.

Cost:  just £15.50

“I  have just received my Atmosphere 1 and 2 oils in. (There is a discount deal on buying both at once offered on the site.)

I'll try to describe what they remind me of:

Atmosphere 1 has the scent of an old earthen cellar full of books and old cloth. Not mildew, but as stated "a sense of antiquity or great age" was what it reminded me of. My grandfather was a farmer in his latter years and after his passing, I assisted my relatives in the clearing of his personal effects out of his old house. There was a closet in his garage that was crammed full of old glass jars, books of various types, cardboard boxes of old chemicals and old, dirt-covered garden implements. When I first opened Atmosphere 1, I was taken to that moment some 10 years ago. Standing in that doorway looking in at the contents of that old closet, the only light filtering in through the wavy, hand made and very dusty window panes.

Atmosphere 2 brought me back to my time (albeit brief) working as a mortician's assistant. The old smell of preservative chemicals like formaldehyde, methanol, and ethanol wafted up from this bottle, stirring old memories as well. There was an old storage closet in the rear of said mortuary which still had old glass containers of some of these and the smell of them was very distinct. Sort of sweet smelling and definitely clinical. I don't think I'll ever forget those old scents.

In my opinion, Mr. Hart has done an amazing job with these scents. If anything, it brought me back to times that I had forgotten. This should show you all the power that scent can have in a performance. There are others out there that can tie these scents to similar memories and thus allow for a more personal connection to the mage's performance. Taking an act further away from just an act and making it more real for them. “

Thank you again, sir for the wonderful products and the trips down the dusty corridors of memory lane. “

Shawn - from the USA

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